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Eric Ericson talks about choirs and choral works

Körledaren Eric Ericson

Swedish choir conductor Eric Ericson died on February 16th, 94 years old. My impression is that he was a very unassuming and extremely knowledgeable and passionate man. Hans-Gunnar Peterson and I interviewed Ericson in 1997 in his home at Gärdet in Stockholm, just before he was to receive the Polar Music Prize.

Eric Ericson gave generously of his knowledge and vividly accounted for how he started the Chamber choir, and he talked about the importance of practicing a cappella rather than with instruments. I believe Ericson’s enthusiasm for his trade is quite obvious in the photos I took at the occasion.

Ericson was apparently satisfied with the article, since he recommended it to students both in Sweden and abroad.

See ”Eric Ericson – 50 years with the Chamber Choir”

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