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Swedish Pirate Party: A Critical Examination

(This is a translation of a blog entry in Swedish from June 14th, which was the hitherto most read article since the blog started in 2003.)

Now that the Swedish Pirate Party has got their 7 percent of the voters in the Swedish election for the European Parliament, I suppose it is time to write something about their goal, as it is presented in the party program.

Apparently, the party toned down its agitation in the file sharing issue before the election, and focused on the topic of personal integrity and privacy. This was probably, from their point of view, a good strategy. Otherwise, the party would probably to a much larger extent than now have been associated with selfish people who just want to safeguard their free-of-charge access to entertainment. What they say in privacy issues is much easier to agree with, even if not everything on this point is opposition-free either. Read more »


Sweden’s first copyright acts (1810-1877)

”Every script [copy] shall be the author’s or his legal rights holder’s property. He who prints or reprints a script [copy] without the author’s or publisher’s written permission, shall lose the entire edition or pay a fine to its full value, undividedly accrued to the plaintiff.”

This was the first, very brief, copyright legislation in Sweden. It was subsection 8 of the first section of the (constitutional) Freedom of the Press Act of 1810. In 1855 came a civil law, outside of the constitutional laws, concerning dramatic works, and in 1876 came the first ”regulation on ownership of script [copy]”. It was a temporary solution, and already the next year saw the enactment of the first more elaborate Swedish law on authors’ rights, 1877.

I have for many years been working on a book about copyright history. At the book’s web site, I have now uploaded these first four Swedish copyright laws. At the bottom of the web pages there are comments in Swedish and English.

See http://www.copyrighthistory.com

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